The day before…

So I haven’t exactly got any idea on how to ‘blog’ or make an interesting speech or paragraph so let me just apologise in advance for the next 80+ days of me trying to give you a little snippet of what I’ve been up to.

As most of you know I won Trek America’s Great 48 Competition last year! (If you didn’t know..  I’m still in shock myself!!!) I genuinely cannot believe how lucky I have been to of won this amazing trip and cannot thank Trek America enough for letting me embark on this adventure.

To my managers dismay (Sorry Clifford) I am now traveling 48 states of America for 80 days out of a massive holdall I managed to fit basically my whole wardrobe into. 

My prediction is by day 40 I’ll have a whole new wardrobe and all the original stuff I brought with me has been ruined, chucked, donated, used as a towel, used a toilet roll… You name it, its probably been used for it. I’ll keep you updated on that prediction though, I could be wrong, but I most likely won’t be……

Throughout my 80 days here I am aiming to write a post a day to one, to help me remember and two to remind my family I’m still alive because I most likely won’t contact them for days on end as I’ll be soaking up the sights and sun.

Ciao for now friends x

 #iTrekHere #Great48 #CompetitionWinner #TravelWithMe #TrekAmerica


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