Where my new friends come in…

Yes, I made it to Miami. I found my hotel and I jumped straight into bed. Although it was only a 9 hour and something flight I just could not sleep like I normally do. 

My hotel is amazing, the Courtyard by Marriott Miami along Washington Ave – there’s a rooftop pool, bar, seating area and to top it off the beds are amazingly comfy (a definite priority before my 80 days of camping starts tomorrow). 

Thursday evening everyone in the trek group decided we’d all meet up for the day to start the process of getting to know eachother, as after all we will be spending the next 80 days together…
We all decided it would be a brilliant idea to go to South Beach.. and in true English style we are all burnt and sore, walking like crabs around Miami… if you happen to see us, don’t wave, we can’t psychically move our arms to wave. A quick round on the City Sightseeing bus over to downtown Miami and back again all for a free mojito!

As extra bonding time we decided we’d go out for food and cocktails (ery bloody expensive cocktails) It’s not exactly cheap here – we found out the hard way when our bill came to $193 for 5 people 😭. I forgot that tipping is 18%, back home I’d only tip if I felt they’d be exceptional, which with my standards is hardly ever.

I should probably get off to bed now, it’s near enough 11pm and I have to be up at 6am and out of here at 7am to start the Trek! Hope the tour leader is nice and energetic, jet lag has got the best of me.

Thanks for reading, I’ll post again as soon as I can friends x

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6 thoughts on “Where my new friends come in…

  1. Hi jade can’t believe your there . The blog is brilliant and can’t wait to keep up with your antics il pass it on to the boys .have fun and keep safe xxxxx

  2. Omg Jade it looks amazing , glad you got there safely , you look fantastic , can’t wait for the next chapter

    Lots of love , have fun X

  3. Enjoy jade the beach looks great ,hope camp beds are comfy,,no good for me ld need a houst to get up love nan xxxx

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