Day 42: Oklahoma

Today was much more interesting than yesterday. It's Chads birthday!!!
We celebrated in true style with cake and alcohol. But the alcohol came later once we reached Oklahoma City.
Whilst on the way to said destination, we popped in Pops. A shop full of different flavoured pops believe it or not. It's along Route 66, which we are now touching on a lot more.

About 5 hours of traveling in the van, we made it to our KOA Kampsite. Set up camp and then painted Wilson. Our new friend, fire burner and fellow traveler.

This evening we headed into Bricktown (No not Brixton, that's a completely different place, this one was much nicer).

We headed to the arcade to start off with a couple of drinks before heading over to Fuzzy Tacos. Yep more tacos. Maddie and I went a bit nuts and bought a massive fishbowl which was suggested for 4 or more people and required 4 ID's to buy it. We still got it and drank the majority between ourselves.
Then we went a bit nuts with ordering our food. We shared it all, but we had a lot. Yolo?
After a couple more bars we headed back to camp where I was flat out within seconds. I really don't get how I sleep so much during the day on the van and then still have no problem having a solid sleep at night. Baffling.


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