Day 43: Fort Worth – Texas

Today we made it to very very very hot Texas. Where it reached 41 degrees at 5pm.
As usual I slept the majority of the van journey…
We made our first stop at Buc-ees. Texas' absolutely ma-hoosive petrol stations. I can't even explain how big it is, you could easily get lost inside of in one.
I mean come on, that's a full sized van cabin, in the middle of a shop.
We then set off to camp, where traffic was horrendous, so we spent, what was supposed to be a half hour wait for lunch, nearly an hour and a bit getting to camp. We then had half an hour to set up camp and eat lunch before we went to Fort Worth Stock Yards.

Everyday at 11.30am and 4pm the town do a longhorn cattle drive to represent how it used to be many years ago in the town (basically, with much harsher conditions and endings for the cattle).

It was quite scary that all these cattle were just casually walking by with no barrier between us, so anything could've happened, but then that's what the cowboys are for.
We then had a little wonder around the very few shops that were around, and to be honest it felt like such a genuine Texas town, with the hat shops and boot shops (very expensive ones at that), just wondering round with horses in the field over the road, a longhorn cattle (real-life) you could sit on and take a picture with.. I didn't because it scared me.
We got back to camp where Hayley and Mik cooked sloppy jo's for dinner. Personally a new one for me, probably never going to eat it again. Not that they didn't cook it nice, it was very tasty, but the fact I had basically bolognese in a bun just didn't sit right for me. One or the other please…

Until tomorrow..


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