Day 45: Barton Springs – Austin

Today we ventured down to Barton Springs for the day.
Although not knowing we were leaving at 9am and not waking up until around 8.30am I think I did pretty well getting ready on time… 40 minutes later we arrive at Barton Springs where the air is hot but it's overcast. A lot of clouds, that looked potential to turn into a thunder storm.
Maddie, Nikita, Hayley, Emma, Chad and I decided to go to downtown first off to get a big lunch/ dinner. Where we were met with a very quirky antique store.
There was a pretty cool shop next door with weird random things too – Austins motto is 'Keep Austin weird' apparently.
We then walked to find some food, which took us about an hour because every place we went to go to was closed.. (Emma and I were hangry)… so we carried on walking, randomly bumped into Chad in a Starbucks (obviously, where else would he be) where he pointed our, now hangry, hot and sweaty, 5 people, to where some food would be… and EUREKA!! Food. The place we ate in was actually called Eureka too… double eureka!
We then hopped in an Uber to Barton Springs Shopping Mall, where we did some shopping.. not too much, but some, would be rude not to shop when there are sales?! After a while wondering around Emma was feeling tired of being dragged into every store and so we made our way back to Barton Springs where we met at the van for our lift to the downtown bridge. We then waited in Starbucks (aircon!!!!!!!) to go and see the bats migrate from the downtown bridge.

It was a quick dash back to camp as the showers close for cleaning 10pm-12am and everyone wanted a shower after a very sweaty day walking around Austin. (We made it with half hour to spare).

Although after my shower, which was pretty much pointless, I was in my tent sweating buckets again as it's around 30 degrees at 10.40pm. See me sitting in a puddle of sweat trying to be ruthless chucking some old clothes out to make space for some new ones, although it hasn't made much of a difference in space in my case, but oh well? Out with the old in the with the new?

Don't expect much on tomorrow's blog, we are driving to Carlsbad which is around a 10 hour drive. So again I'll be sleeping the day away.


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