Day 47: Santa Fe

Today has been such a cool day I don't even know where to start…
I actually woke up like I'd had a decent nights sleep for the first time since I've been here. Refreshing.
We left promptly at 8am to get to Carlsbad Caverns for our cave walk. It was nothing like I've ever seen before. My pictures do not do it justice in any sense at all.
We spent nearly 2 hours walking round this cave. Luckily with only minimal amounts of stairs and only small slants to get us down and up, it wasn't that strenuous, but it was bloody cold.
The Big Room was my absolute favourite part of this journey. It was so vast and magical. There was even a spot called 'Fairyland'.
As I said, pictures just don't do any of it justice.

After we finished walking round, we got a lift back up to the top. Yep there's a lift at the bottom otherwise it would've been at bloody long walk back up. As we headed towards Rosewell, New Mexico, Chad pulled us over and gave us rolls of tin foil… to make hats with… to stop us getting our minds read by aliens. Yes we went to alien country!!!!!!!!
We pulled over at a sign along the roadside and we got some weird looks from a family that had also pulled over. But they went with it and very kindly took our picture for us.
Another small drive down to the town and we hopped out the van to the International UFO Museum and Research Centre. A lot of information about the Rosewell Incident in 1947, which was very interesting to read about and see the reports on it.
Again we got some more weird looks and some even got some dirty looks from other people. But we had fun so that's all that matters. I bought an alien… or did it abduct me???
We then had another 3 hour drive to camp in Santa Fe, I slept again… but there was some stunning scenery around us, but I only going managed to get one picture by the time I woke up.
7pm we arrived at camp, where our tents were still absolutely soaking from 2 nights ago. The sun was basically gone, so we are sleeping in damp tents tonight.

Maddie and Emma cooked a steak hot pot garlic thing, which was so tasty but so spicy. So spicy in fact I actually couldn't feel my lips or mouth or stomach or anything. It was very very hot.

Hopefully I get a lie-in tomorrow, as we don't need to leave until 9am to go into
Santa Fe and we are here for 2 nights! Yay!


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