Day 48: Santa Fe

I didn't exactly have a lie-in today, I was up at 7.30am but I did get time for a workout before we headed into downtown Santa Fe.
Our first stop was Meow Wolf. Like City Museum in Chicago, it's an old building used by local artists to do their thing. Although Meow Wolf has a back story where you can try and solve a murder mystery along the way. Maddie and I just decided to run around and look at all the cool things.
We arrived just at opening time where we had to wait 15 minutes in the queue, but it just got longer and longer outside, so it wasn't so bad.
There aren't many words I can use to describe this place. One is definitely GO!!! It was a well spent $20 for entry, with 2 hours+ worth of fun to be had. placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://placeholder://
Chad had recommended a place for us to go for some lunch. A Mexican restaurant of course. You can't come to New Mexico and not have a mexican. So Maddie, Emma, Wan, Nikita and I took his suggestion and took an uber down to Maria's. It was such a quaint, old looking building but the inside was just how I had imagined. We waited 10 minutes for a table and were swiftly served our food in no time. Maddie and I shared some chicken nachos and then had beef tacos. They were so good at the time… Fast forward 2 hours later and Emma, Maddie and I are feeling extremely ill. I won't go into details.
We skipped out on dinner as we weren't great and I'm having an early night to try and sleep it off so I don't feel like this on our drive tomorrow.


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