Day 49: White Sand Dunes – Colorado

Today has been so much fun. Probably one of my favourite days so far.
We only had a short drive today to Colorado. One of two stops here.
Camp was set up and lunch was eaten by 2pm and we hit the road to go sand boarding at the White Sand Dunes.

All day I had been thinking I would just walk around the Dunes, get some pictures, chill out, but Maddie kept saying I should hire out a board. Wow, I'm so glad I did it.
Although I fell on my arse so hard I think it's bruised, it was still so so much fun.
Sorry Maddie.. your fall was something I just couldn't not upload..

We spent around 2 hours boarding and chilling on the Dunes before a massive thunder cloud came over us and it started hailing. Hard. And when I say hard, you see what I'm wearing in them pictures… my whole body was bright red and stinging so badly I nearly cried. It was awful, but I made it back to the van with no tears.. just a very very sore body.

We got back to camp where Nikita and Wan cooked us a lovely chilli con carne and we watched the sunset over camp.
Today was so tiring I actually need this early night. I hope I don't wake up too sore in the morning.


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