Day 50: Rocky Mountains – Colorado

HAPPY DAY 50!!!!
And what a day it has been. A beautiful cold one.
We set off at 8am today to make our journey to the Rocky Mountains. Along our we passed through this really small but cute town, Leadville. As it happens we ended up wondering around for an hour or so as our first spontaneous stop of the day.
After our little wonder around we hit the road again and soon made it to the Rocky Mountains National Park, where we were met with some beautiful scenery.

As we drove around we came to a small little walk trial which we decided to jump out and do along with an Elk walking across the road.
After or small walk we finally were on the home stretch to camp for the next two nights where Sarah and I cooked her vegan curry for dinner..
We did video the trip around the park but 2 videos didnt record on time-lapse, so that is to be edited and uploaded soon.

Maddie, Hayley and I are sharing a tent for the next 2 nights.. Maddie is currently snoring in my ear and it's 11pm.. I have to be up at 7!!!! Its around 9 degrees outside so i really dont mind sharing a tent right now..


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