Day 51: Rocky Mountains National Park

Today has been the better of 3 hikes. The easiest of 3 hikes. Although we cleared 6 miles through the Rocky Mountains, we made it to The Loch and back in 3.5hours.
It was such a beautiful walk, although the altitude changed on the way up and it was a bit of a struggle because of that, it was so worth it for the end result.
As we made our way down, Hayley and I sped off from Emma, Maddie and Wan as we wanted to pick up the pace. And by that I mean we literally ran back down.

We all met back up in the end and headed back to Beaver Meadows, which was the closest shuttle stop to our camp but was also the stop for the shuttle to go into Estes Park. We hopped into town for a little explore for a few hours and then back to camp for a well deserved shower after a long day.

I have throughly enjoyed my time in Colorado and would love to come back and hopefully get that chance to meet up with my friend Maiya, whom I met whilst volunteering in Uganda and haven't seen since. This trip just didn't work out for us to meet up, but hopefully there will be a next time.


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