Day 80: Seattle

So today is here. Day 80 is here and we are all in such weird moods. As if 80 days has flown by that quickly and we all head home tomorrow.

We packed up our tents, one last time.

Packed up the trailer, one last time.

Sat in the van for 4 hours, on our last journey.

Ate lunch from the cooler, one last time.

Slept in the van, a lot, but it’s our last time doing so.

We got to Seattle around 2pm where we went to Pike Market Place, wondered around and saw Gum Wall. Yes, it is a wall of gum and a lot of gum at that.

It was pretty disgusting but it was quite something aswell. As instructed we were back to the van for 4pm to get to our hotel drop off.

One last meal was spent at the Olive Garden with everyone, apart from Wan, as she lives in Seattle at the moment so she went home to repack for Alaska. We had some drinks, ate good food and laughed a lot. And then Chad gave us this… (it was supposed to be postcard sized but didn’t come out the right size).

We headed back to the hotel and said our last goodbyes to Mik, Sarah and Chad, as the rest of us were staying at the drop off hotel. After our goodbyes, we all went to our rooms to empty and sort our suitcases, which took a while to say the least.

Not before one last group selfie…

(Chad was extremely happy to get rid of us as you can tell).

I’m super tired and no I didn’t cry when saying goodbye, so I’m off to bed…

Thanks for reading my posts, some boring, some pretty cool I’d say and some when I was just fed up of being in a van. Hope you all had an amazing summer and on my next travels, hopefully, I’ll blog again… until then x


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